And Ye Shall Know The Truth

Amazing Grace

Demonstration Of Amazing Grace

My life is a demonstration of the fact that God’s amazing grace can reach to the guiltiest, vilest and worst sinner. Pick him up from the ruins of sin and transform him into a beautiful heaven bound saint. The story of my life pulsates with the wonder and it attests to God’s ability to save Read more about <h1>Demonstration Of Amazing Grace</h1>[…]


Eaters Of Flesh And Drinkers Of Blood

From a clear view of the Bible, we can see an entity that is destructive more than anything you can ever imagine, either you believe me or not this evil entity exit -eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood. Millions of people have suffered terrible affliction from this entity because of lack of knowledge or Read more about <h1>Eaters Of Flesh And Drinkers Of Blood</h1>[…]


Prayers That Brings Death Sentence Upon Wicked Pursuers

The Bible makes us understand that there are powers that bit without remnant. This is a highly organised entity, and they have only one mission to kill, steal manipulate and destroy. These powers are known as witchcraft. What is witchcraft? Witchcraft is wanting to be spiritual, without submitting to God. Witchcraft is moving in the Read more about <h1>Prayers That Brings Death Sentence Upon Wicked Pursuers</h1>[…]