If You Pull Down The House Of God You Will Die

If You Pull Down The House Of God You Will Die.In “June 1976, gazette number 46 by the federal government, ‘Miracle Center to be demolished for new airport’.

I began to cry, I said, ‘Lord, what have I done to deserve this?’. And the Lord said, ‘Get up; reply’. I said, ‘What should I say?’.

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He said, ‘Say anything you want to say’. And I like it when God gives me the liberty to say what I want to say.

So I went on TV and announced, ‘The Caterpillar that comes here, the driver will die on the spot.

And the government who made the decree will be overthrown’. I began to shout, ‘Try it, you die!. Try it, you die! Break God’s house for your own house, you die!’.

And pastors began to come to me, ‘Are you not afraid?’. I said, ‘Afraid of who? If a man was not afraid to say he wants to pull God’s house down, why should I be afraid of him?’

At twelve midnight, the military head of state flew to my house in Benin. He said, ‘We heard how you have been shouting on TV that the person who tries to demolish the buildings will collapse’.

I said, ‘that is what I said’. He replied, ‘What if we give you a million naira (about one to two million dollars in today’s value)?’

I said ‘Money is not my problem, how to spend it is my problem’. He said ‘What do you want?’ I said, ‘Build your airport in another area’.

The next morning, he called the governor and told him to build the airport at Ogbe Quarters in Benin Nigeria and leave the church alone. Somebody say Hallelujah!”. Archbishop B.A. Idahosa

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