How To Provoke God Into Action

 Psalm 20: 1-5 the Lord hear thee in the days of trouble the name of the God of Jacob defend thee. Send thee help from the sanctuary and strengthen thee out of Zion.
Remember all thy offering and accept all thy burnt sacrifices grant thee according to thine own heart and fulfil all thy counsel, We will rejoice in thy salvation and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the Lord fulfil all thy petitions.
 it is important to look at the above-mentioned scriptures The lord hear thee on the day of trouble. Means that every man and woman will face a day or days of trouble the second name for this world is trouble that is why Job said man born of woman is of few days and is full of trouble.
So a day of trouble will come. Any preacher that tell you there will be no day of trouble is a fraudulent preacher any preacher that tell you.
Oh, once you surrender your life to Jesus, there will be no problem again is telling you a lie.
Salvation does not exempt you from the trouble of life but it gives you the weapon to fight them “The name of God of Jacob defend thee.
Means you are talking to God in prayer and you are crying to Him so in the days of trouble prayer is useful. “May He remember all thy offering and also accept thy burnt sacrifices.
It means that your own voice and also your offering can speak for you in the days of trouble. There is a possibility that in the days of trouble heaven can become silent over your matter.
It is a terrible situation to be in. may heaven never be silent to cries in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 16:12 says And it shall come to pass when it is seen that Moab is weary on the high place that, he shall come to his sanctuary but it shall not prevail.
It means that the prayer of Moab will get nowhere when the days of trouble come. He will try all sort of things from the mountain to mountains and from prophet to prophet and become weary on that high places.
 And if he comes to the sanctuary to pray, he shall not prevail. Why do people call upon the Lord in the days of trouble and heaven is silent? why do people go from places to places and their prayers are not answered? Why do people experience what the bible says in Isaiah 65:24?.
Isaiah 56:24. And it shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear.
This is another group of people, even before they start praying heaven will attend to what they want.
May you be pushed into that category of people in the name Jesus. what you think is a problem in your life may be ignorance on how to access the mysteries of God
It means to invoke
it means to plant
it means to stir up
it means to stimulate
it means to arouse
it means to invoke a reaction
it means to fire up
it means to incite
it means to motivate
it means to kick into an action.
There are several instances in the scripture of people who provoked God doing a thing he did not really intend to do, it is important to sit down and study how these people provoked and God answers them.
How come, these people understand the strategies of making heaven suspend all activities and attend to them.
Many people have been destroyed by native doctors some have been destroyed by false prophet why some have lost what should make them prosper due to the ignorance of the mysteries of God.
They did not understand that they could provoke the almighty God into action without any pastor or prophet assistance.
They did not know that even when something was meant to happen, they could provoke God to change rules for their sakes.
Mathew 8:5-13 tells us about the faith of a centurion.
Three Things That Can Speak For You On The Day Of Trouble.
According to Psalm 20, three things can speak for you: The first is that you can speak for yourself by crying to God.
Secondly, your offering can speak for you.Your offering has an impact when the angel of God appeared to Cornelius in Acts 10 he acknowledges his alms (offering) as a memorial in heaven.
Thirdly, your sacrifice can speak for you. That is your work for God. It could be talents, time, resources and whatever you can present as a sacrifice to God.
These are things that can speak for you in the day of trouble.
Ways To Provoke God Into Action.
 1. Humility and Brokenness: Any form of pride will make you an enemy of God because God hates pride with a perfect hatred, but He has respect for the humble.
The most humble creature on earth is the ground. We all tread on it urinate on it defecate on it and do all manner of things on it yet, it does not complain.
 2. The Power Of Desperation: God is on the lookout for people who roar in desperate prayers. Desperation is the best option for us when we have reached our wit’s end.
 Desperation will catapult us to the next level. It was desperation that caused the blind Bartimaeus to cry for mercy in spite of the persecution by people around.
Oftentimes, desperation is the last stage before manifestation, at such level you either have a breakthrough or breakdown.
Holy desperation is a positive power that causes you to throw yourself completely unto God and desperation will make room for miracles.
Thank you for reading God bless you
Lord break and remould me and let your yes be my yes and Your no my no in the Name of Jesus.

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