Symbolic Meanings Of The Human Hand

The human hand is a creation of God which has symbolic meanings. It is also of high spiritual significance.

If you cut off the hand of a man physically, you would have reduced his life, if not terminating it altogether. God in His infinite wisdom gave it to us in order for one to help the other.

If you amputate one hand the other one cannot be of much help to the owner. The effectiveness of the remaining one hand will be significantly reduced.

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God gave each hand a unique identity. No two sets of the fingerprint are ever the same. That is why on your particulars or personal details, your fingerprints are preferred for identification.

God gave each hand five fingers, five is the number of grace. God numbered all the fingers to be ten. Ten represents the number of the law, and there are only ten commandments.

Hands are used for manual labour, they contain fingers and palm, the fingers are used for writing, pointing, feeding, touching, tearing, and so on. If you take a closer look at the palm, you will find some strange lines on it which look similar but they have subtle variations.

All the marks on the palm are unique and there are no two human beings that can match each other. The deep secret is that God’s gift, special talent and destiny are recorded on those palms.

You may not be able to read these handwritings but the astrologers deceive people that they can read it. The palm readers may say they can read it but it is only the Almighty God alone that can read what He has written on people’s palms Job 37:7 “He sealeth up the hand of every man that all men may know His work.

The seal that God put in the hand of every man is the lines and fingerprints.Biologists will tell you that the major lines of the palm are formed from the womb.


The hand is known as the instrument of labour. The hand is a symbol of human action
It performs service.
Hands perform work.
Hands respond to things and situations.

In the bible the hand of God connotes the power of God, therefore hands signify power. Isaiah:37:27. It symbolises power, skill, action, purpose, blessing and expressions.

When you clasp your hands it shows unity or allegiance. When you raise it up above your head, it shows that you have surrendered. In the bible lifting up of hands and spreading them towards heaven is a sign that you are worshiping and adoring God.

In the bible, hands are made to wage a war that is why the psalmist says “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight. Psalm :144:1

So if something goes wrong with the hands in the spirit realm, the manifestation in the physical realm will be terrible and serious.
My hands hear the word of the Lord possesses your possessions in the name of Jesus.
Clap your hand while saying, I sanitise my hands with the blood of Jesus.

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Symbolic Meanings Of The Human Hand

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