Prayer a necessary tool to Tackle Spiritual Problems

Prayer is a necessary tool to get over disturbing issues of life, that is why Jesus said a man ought always to pray and not faint.when you read the bible very well you will see that there are questions that have answers to the problem of man but some you have to put the answer there. Like

“If the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do”?  Psalm 11:3.

The only thing the righteous can do is to pray, so it is of a great value in the turbulent and none-turbulent situation. It is a necessity, not an option.

Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting Matthew 17:21

Some mountains will not fall unless they are bombarded with the artillery of prayer.

The weapon of prayer have been known to do wonders when other methods have failed, some breakthrough is impossible unless there is a regular, consistent, concerted, constant bombardment of prayer.

In addition, prayer is a gift to us and a privilege, however, the fact remains that the power of prayer is the power which is the least exercise by the average believer.

It will do you well to learn the science of welfare. The present temperature of the prayer of many Christians will need to rise if they expect a serious breakthrough.

Note: You have to stop your enemy before they stop you, if they succeed to stop you then your destiny is wasted and God in His mercy will forgive them, remember there are much destiny attached to you, you must not fail,

Read psalm 91 and use the following prayers

(1) O Lord dissolves any deep rooted problem in the Name of Jesus

(2) Father Lord send your fire into the root of my life to uproot every unprofitable tree in the name of Jesus

(3) I reject every curse flowing down to me by my ancestors In the name of Jesus

(4) I soak the root of my life with the blood of Jesus

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