Decoding The Prayers And How It Works

Decoding the prayers,  there is a need for us to understand the kind of prayers in the bible, we need to know how to make the prayers work and also to know the secrets and power of those prayers…

There are prayers in the bible that if prayed effectively once, is the equivalent of about two thousand prayer points. It is one of the prayers that I want to introduce you to. It is one of the most potent prayers in the whole bible.

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So many people pray, but they do not understand the powers behind the prayers. There is great ignorance in the body of Christ in the area of spiritual warfare and this is the tragedy. Psalm 68:1-3 says let God arise, let His enemies be scattered let them also that hate Him flee before Him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God, but let the righteous be glad let them rejoice before God yea, let them exceedingly rejoice

This one of the most powerful prayers in the bible and its efficacy can never be underestimated. Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered is a prayer that does not emanate from the psalmist. The first man to call that prayer was Moses and the bible says there was no prophet like Moses because, He speaks to God face to face, for that kind of person to “manufacture” a Prayer of that caliber I mean it is a very powerful prayer. The psalmist only re-echoed that prayer originally releases by Moses in the wilderness…  Numbers 10:34-36…

This was a prayer to arise and a prayer to settle. It was from these words that the psalmist got his inspiration to echo it. The word “let” as used here is a command, it means don’t delay, it means don’t put an obstacle before it, when God arises the enemies must scatter and the people must rejoice.

The word scatter as used here means that the enemy must flee, the enemy must break up. The word arise means that God should manifest His presence and Glory in that environment. There are many prayers in the bible with the word arise psalm 7:6, psalm 9:19 which says Arise O Lord, disappoint him cast him down deliver my soul from the wicked which is thy sword.

If you desire to move forward in life this is one of the prayers that will move you forward when you pray, let God arise your situation will be re-arranged when you pray, let God arise your pharaoh will sink in the red sea and the program of the enemy for your life terminates. From today make it a daily prayer and you shall prosper like never before.

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