The School Of Mouth Management

The devil does not have as much power as we think. What he does is to study our weakness and put us in a position where we break God’s laws which will put us in trouble with God.

The devil manipulates people and uses small things to steal from them. If there is any school you must enrol in and get a degree is the school of mouth management or control.

You must plug yourself in the University of mouth management if you do not want to talk yourself out of your miracles and breakthroughs.

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The mouth is a small thing but it can take away big things. Proverbs 18:7 says “As a fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.”

This means that the mouth has the mysterious and dangerous capacity to destroy you. It also can be a snare or trap for the enemy to cage you or steal your breakthroughs.

Psalm 141:3 says “Set a watch, O Lord before my mouth, keep the door of my lips. 

Ask yourself some pertinent question such as these: If everyone you know hears all you say about them? Do you think you will still have any friend left?

Do you think you will still come to church if the authorities of the church heard all you have been saying against the church or saying to your children about the church?

Are you sure gossips will not stop you from making heaven? If you are in that category I beg you to stop and repent. This is why the book of James chapter three talks about taming of the tongue.


1.You need to manage your mouth because your mouth will determine your life direction. Your life today results from what you said in the past.

If you keep saying “I cannot make it” you will not make it because that is what you are saying.

2.You need to manage your mouth because although the mouth is the smallest organ in the body, it carries the power to change your life positively or negatively.

3.You need to manage your mouth because it can destroy the surrounding people.

4.You need to manage your mouth because it can destroy your credibility. It can send you to hellfire.

Matthew 12:36 says “But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof on the day of judgement.” 

You were not there when something happened but you are busy broadcasting it. These are the things that will land you in hellfire.

5.You need to manage your mouth because you will recount everything which you say as far as heaven is a concern.

If men who are mere mortals can detect those who steal in the supermarkets how much more the all-knowing God. Anything that will make you be embarrassed if it is shown to the public, don’t do it.

1.Our words have creative power.
2. Our words have a double-barrelled power.
3. Our words have undying power.
4.Our words have healing power.
5. Our words can poison or destroy our lives.
6. Our words can deliver us from difficulty and trouble
7. Our words can move mountains, it can shape and define our lives

Our God is a God of words, speech and utterance. All things were made by the word of God. All things as they are, are being held by that same word of God.

Jesus spoke to angry waves and silenced them. Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it dried up. Jesus spoke to the dead and they lived.

The same man who spoke to the dead and they came back to life is the same man that talked to the fig tree and it died. It is the same man that spoke to the fever of Peter’s mother-in-law and it disappears.

Words have the capacity to enter into the spirit realm and bring forth the manifestation of good things. What most people do not know is that the human body is designed to respond to words.

When you open your mouth and say my headache, my arthritis my this and that, the body will magnetise those things and they begin to manifest.

Words have a dynamic force and they are swords in our hands for battle, success or happiness.
Words can produce or horror. Our battles are battles of words. The children of the devil who utter incantations know the efficacy of words.

With words, God created the earth. Our words are like raw materials with which we create or kill. Our weapons of warfare are created by words and they are also detonated by words

The mouth is the compass of your life. The mouth is the control room, engine room of your life.
Discussions is an exchange of knowledge while an argument is an exchange of ignorance. You do not gain anything from the argument.

So arguing with your husband or wife is a waste of time and nobody is going to give you trophy for winning an argument.

Silence sometimes has the loudest voice. It is not always what comes to your brain you speak out, our ear works better when our mouth is shut.


Wisdom is saying nothing when there is nothing to say. Wisdom is to keep quiet when your talking will not improve any situation because you are no longer a master of words when they leave your mouth.

He who gossips to you will also gossip about you. Anyone is sowing a seed and the person listening is reaping something. You are only a master of unspoken words.

Wise people talk less and listen more. Just like a reckless driver can cause serious damage, a reckless tongue also can destroy.


You must know the dangers of allowing your mouth to run carelessly. You must recognise that the misuse of your mouth is a problem of the heart.
You must understand why God gave you a tongue. The reason for your tongue is to rejoice and give God glory.


  1. My mouth, receive the fire of God in the name of Jesus.
  2. Self-imposed curses break in the name of Jesus.
    3.Any problem that came into my life through my tongue die in the name of Jesus
The School Of Mouth Management

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