Secrets Of Victory In Christ Jesus

Secrets of victory, the destiny of a true believer in Christ Jesus is to live a life of constant victory. This, however, may not be the reality of those who are ignorant of this heritage as well as the secrets of victory. As you read this knowing that victory is your birthright God will move you from victory to victory in Jesus name.

Jude: 3: “Beloved when I gave all diligence to write unto of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saint.

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If you look back very well and observe what is going on, you will find out that Christianity and Christian are not what they are supposed to be. We have a lot of people who blow hot air but there is little substance in it. It is a shame really if God leads you into what people do.

The problem is that we have a lot of people that goes to church but very few are genuinely born again and transformed. When you get born again is not the end of your journey, it is the beginning of your salvation and you must not joke or gamble with your salvation.


The bible says God is not slack in confirming His promises, but He is patient and does not want that any should perish but all may come to repentance. God can tolerate spiritual babies for some time, you can’t tolerate a boy of sixteen years to use napkins. He is too old. We are supposed to grow up spiritually.

God want us to live in such a way that when they see you, people will cry and give their lives to Christ. God wants us to move in such a way that people will entrust their businesses into our hands because they know that we are  100% honest.

Three Secrets Of Victory.

Now how can you live a life of victory and the promise of the Romans that we are more than a conqueror?

Live in a total submission: This means you give yourself in complete, surrender to God. Note any part of your life you did not submit to God will the devil use to bring you into bondage and defeat.

You must hand over to God your professions, ambitions, your plans, money. The bible says submit yourself under the mighty power of God and He shall exalt you in due time.

  1. You must seek for cleansing: 1 John 1:7-9. We must be willing to have our sins cleansed. If we confess our sins God is not ready to forgive us but also to cleanse us. Sins like fear, doubt and ingratitude must be dealt with.
  1. You must be filled with the Holy Ghost: It is a sin not to have the Holy Ghost fill your heart. When the Holy Spirit fills your life the anointing fills you too then you begin to smell good.

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Secrets Of Victory In Christ Jesus

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