Seed Time And Harvest Time

Your seed is what determines your fruit. Before you plant you must have a good seed.

Many people have described a man as a master of his own destiny and the architect of his own fate, but the truth is that sometimes men face attacks by forces and pressures that he cannot understand or explain.

It is rare to find any person who does not want to do well or prosper. If you find a person like that then two things are wrong. It is either he is mad or the enemy has finished his case.

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The law of sowing and reaping is universal. It works the same way regardless of which part of the world in which one lives.

No one would ever plant a field of corn and expect to harvest cucumber. Nor would one plant peas and expect to harvest grapes. Job: 14:4.

One expects to harvest what he or she has planted. It is a universal law. The past evil of one’s parents can also haunt one’s life.

This means that a person can reap what he or she has not sown John 4:38. The truth is that many people are reaping what they did not sow.

You may say that this is ridiculous and unfair, let me tell you one fact as far as heaven is concern no sin will be accounted against any child of God but the consequences are sure. Galatians 6:7

Nevertheless, it is a spiritual law that cannot be tampered with or broken. Both the good and bad past deeds of men affect their future generation Luke 11:47-51


Remember, children are a strength to parents at old age. It is what you put in them that is what they will also bring forth. Anything you do now whether good or bad will affects your future generation.

Therefore check your past life and correct your ways today so that the ghost of the past will not catch up with you and your generation yet unborn.

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