Five Practical Steps To Overcome Temptation

You cannot fall into temptation without your permission. Below are five practical steps you can take to overcome temptation.

1: Engage in a scheduled prayer life: Make sure your prayer time is constant and predictable. In other words consistent prayer life availeth much. Prayer is taking God’s word back to Him, one of the thing that empowers man over temptation is prayer.

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Mathew 6:12 says “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. So to be delivered from evil requires daily engagement in prayer

2: Engage In Daily Word Showers: The word of God is likened to water and the purpose of this water is primarily for cleaning. Every day you must take physical and spiritual word shower to keep clean.

You must come to understand that what you fill yourself with is what will eventually come out of you if you do not word filled you will be world filled.

If the word of God does not fill you, the world will fill you. So to live a life that is free from sin, there must be a consistent intake of the word of God. Romans 12:1-3

3: Free Yourself From Calamities: Every Christian must depart from iniquities. you must purge yourself from calamities and there is a need for us understand that sanctification carries responsibilities. I.E If you will not purge yourself you will not be purged. 1John3:3, 1John 5:18.

4: Make No Provision For The Flesh: The flesh is unruly so, if you don’t cage it, it will cage you. Romans13:14. You don’t respond to the flesh with everything it desires, bring it under control and subjection.

The flesh weakens every desire to please. So you must take dominion over your flesh if you want to excel in life and ministry.

5: Flee From Fornication: Flee fornication don’t cast them out don’t bind them. Many people are trying to cast them out when God says you flee from there or cast yourself away from there. 1 Corinthians 6:18.

There is one muscle that has destroyed and relegated man from hero to zero, that muscle is called the pen!s.

There one muscle and one hole in the body of a woman that made so many promising stars to be bury alive that is v!r!inal.
One example of a person who lost his destiny in the Bible is Reuben Genesis 49:2-4. for somebody pen!s to be erected is not a sin it a sin to follow the direction of that erection. The sin of immorality is generational.

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