What You Need to Know About The Anchors Of Captivity

Psalm 68:18 says thou hast ascended. on high thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men, yea for rebellious also, that the Lord God might dwell among them.

Talking about the Lord Jesus Christ, straight away there is an entity a power know as captivity but there is a higher power that can lead that captivity captive.

A time comes in the life of a man when he is tired of been tired or tired of been sick and you can not understand why you are in the position you are today after reading this article you will receive the anointing to lead that captivity captive.

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The first question to answer is – WHAT IS CAPTIVITY?

Captivity is a state of affliction a position of terrible hardship, a condition contrary to your well-being, a situation that brings sorrow and trouble, rude oppositions, they are opposing you left the right centre and forward.
Distresses, anything that inflicts stubborn hardship.

For example. A huge man, big and muscular ability to break the bones of other men into pieces, he has the capacity to beat men to poor but now the huge man is been controlled by a bottle of a bear that thing he holds in his hand has held him captive.

Captivity, is anything that makes you unable to stop when you want to stop, you know what you are doing is bad, you know is not helping your destiny you know is going to push you into hell fire, you know is destroying your health and your integrity and you continued in it.

Each time you fall into it, you feel regret but next minute you are back into it that is captivity. It is a satanic injection into your body that pushes you to do something that normally you should not do, a destructive habit that you cannot overcome, it is anything that brings limitation to your work and endeavours.

Captivity has anchors they use number one is:
(1): S!xual immorality  Is a very effective satanic device to enslave people and to attract the judgement of God. Immorality brings about the transference of demonic traits like poverty, demotion, stagnation and bad luck.

S!xual immorality implies a soul tie, covenant, it implies an exchange of blood whoever you have s!x with outside married you enter into a covenant illegally with that person because, s!x is a spiritual thing is not just physical.

When you have s!x with a person your spirit joins and you become one and unless there is deliverance you may become a weapon in satans armoury. You will take away from that s!x something you do not have and leave part of you behind, you deplete yourself and split your soul.

Look at Reuben in the bible he is the first born suppose to be the glory the lifter of the head but his father said because of s!x thou shall not excel is a dangerous thing indeed.

Some human problem is acquired during immorality this a clever root of oppression you keep asking yourself why are they pressing you down, why this problem refuses medical attention, why the constant attacks?. It is because of something like this.

Way out you have to deal with it and begin to break every soul tie and bondage.

Isaiah:52:3 For thus saith the Lord, Ye have sold yourselves for nought and ye shall be redeemed without money
1: power of captivity assign to stop me be destroyed in Jesus Name

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