Does God Really Exist

Sometimes we ask where was God when this happened? How could this have happened if God is good?

Does God not exist. If there was a God, He would certainly not allow something like this to happen.

 Psalm 116: Gracious is the Lord and righteous, yea our God is merciful

Questions are asked on a daily basis by individuals who experience pain or tragedy. They question whether God exists or He cares for those who fall into tragedy.

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Many a time, questions like these cause some to question their faith and wonder if God really has the capacity to love them and seek after their best interest.

For many, the ultimate question is if God exists why does He allow evil.

The truth is that God is a good God. He is the standard for holiness and absolute righteousness. He alone is pure and separate from all that is impure, therefore God is the only possible standard for goodness.

NOTE you cannot know or understand the effect of evil unless you first knew goodness.

Evil cannot exist without good and verse versa. Because there is an original that is why we know the counterfeit and not until we see the original the counterfeit will continue to reign.

So the relationship between evil and good is that when one removes the other will exist, that is why the Bible says we are the light of the world, we are created to negate evil anywhere we appear evil must disappear

Genesis: 6:3: And the Lord said, my spirit shall not always strive with man for that he also is flesh yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years

The tragic choice by Adam and Eve caused a ripple that has cause mankind a great deal. God does not cause evil. Evil is the instant effect of our mistakes and error in life.

Since the day Adam and Eve fell from the grace evil has taken over the world. Can we blame God for the devastation caused by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden?. No! for us to do so would be to project our sin on Him.

God has done no wrong but rather, He has shown us His love by freely giving us the freedom of choice. Without the freedom to choose, we can freely love.

God created us as free agents to choose for ourselves and ultimately to experience true freedom. surely God foreknew that evil was a potentiality when He gave mankind the gift of free will.

It is because of that gift that God has suffered great sadness over His creation in that we choose to reject His fellowship and stand in disobedience.

In the end, we cannot hold Him accountable for our choice to serve our lusts. Many get themselves into trouble through this three medium.

1: The lust of the eyes

2: The lust of the flesh

3: The pride of life… 1st..John 2:16.. avoid them


Power of evil influence over my life be destroyed in Jesus name

I  lose myself from any power of bewitchment in Jesus name


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