9 Signs That You Have Enrolled In The School Of Failure

The first question to ask yourself is there any area in your life that you are disobedient to God.

Any one who wants to be free from the school of failure must be ready to obedient there is no alternative if you are willy and obedient you shall eat the good of the land.

The second question to ask yourself is if your heaven is closed. Deuteronomy 28:23: And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron. There is a heaven over every child of God.

If the heaven of someone is close the person will plant plenty but reap little and there will be profitless hard work.

When heaven is close the person will be living on old past achievement. When your heaven is close there will be leakages in the purse and scarcity of testimony.

If your heaven is close your wealth will go to the wrong hands. When your heavens are close anything can happen.

Heavens become close when you are living in sin and disobedient to God. Heavens become close when your prayer life is weak and when you are stingy towards God.

The moment you refuse to be a failure you have enemies. The moment you are number one all other persons running behind you. are your enemies.


1: There is no failure unless there is internal failure
2: There is no accidental failure it must have a root
3: When you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail. e.g, when you are close to a football match you must map out strategies to defeat your opponent during training.
4: Most failures are expert at making excuses.
5: The greatest vehicle of failure is laziness and planlessness
6: A person is said to be a failure when you go through life and learn nothing.
7: All round failure is the one that fails to learn.
8: One formula of failure is trying to please everybody.
9: If you have no enemy is a sure sign that success has passed you bye


God is not happy when He sees that we are living under His expectation. No parents will be happy when they see a child who refuses to learn and grow.
Disobedient is a key to remain in the school of failure, so you must decide to apply biblical principles to your daily life endeavours.


1: Every strong hold of failure in my life be destroyed in the name of Jesus
2: Thou power of failure of my father’s house be destroyed in the name of Jesus
3: Every seed of failure in my life catch fire in the name of Jesus

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