Eaters Of Flesh And Drinkers Of Blood

From a clear view of the Bible, we can see an entity that is destructive more than anything you can ever imagine, either you believe me or not this evil entity exit -eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood.

Millions of people have suffered terrible affliction from this entity because of lack of knowledge or much information concerning it.

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Ignorance has killed thousands and is a terrible disease in the history of mankind. It has killed people more than the most dreaded cancer in the world today.

The bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge. The truth is this even if you are ignorant of a particular thing, that does not excuse you from the consequences of remaining in the dark.

There is something I call a satanic counter attack. From the scripture, bellow demons can live in a human vessel. Man is made up of three component body, soul and spirit.

Mathew 12:43 when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man he walketh through dry places seeking rest and finds none, 44 and he saith, I will return into my house from when I came out.(That is he is launching a counter-attack).

We can see that here demons can attack and live in the body. Those whose sicknesses can be traced to evil spirit attacking or dwelling in certain parts of their bodies will discover that medical science can do little or nothing about that predicament.

There is no x-ray machine or a microscope that can detect illness caused by a demon. When an organ has been destroyed by eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood there is nothing drugs can do.

Medical science can only heal illness that is rooted in the physical realm. Medical doctors have done a very good job, but they have discovered that they can only cure physical illness.

This is a highly organised entity, this eater of flesh and drinkers of blood they have only one mission to kill, steal, manipulate and destroy. This entity is known as witchcraft.


1 Samuel: 15: 22-23 Witchcraft wanting to be spiritual without submitting to God or regarding his word. Moving into the realm of the spirit without the Holy Spirit. Any spiritual power you get outside the Holy spirit is witchcraft. It Is the practics of magic sorcery and wizardry.

It is the summoning of evil power to carry out an evil assignment, it is the use of everything in devils armoury to destroy, it is an intercourse with the evil spirit to carry out wicked desire.

Witchcraft is the highest point in satanic programme Leviticus 20:27. Exodus 22:18. There are very few passages in the bible that talks about death, God has passed both physical and spiritual death sentence on this entity.


So our duty is to enforce the victory we had in Christ to this defeated entity the moment you leave them and say it is not my business the present generation may not witness a revival.

They have taken over the church of God that is why you and I must carry out acidic prayers to cut off their operation from our lives and environment.


O Rock of Ages smash to pieces every witchcraft power troubling my life Jesus name
Let every power eat their own flesh and drink their own blood in Jesus name

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